Predictions Are A-Rumblin’

So it’s been a couple-a weeks since dem boyz, Rick & Rocky, released a new episode of this “wondrous” podcast…but we’re back – and boy do we have a lot to cover! In this here edition of From Parts Unknown, we go over a lot of the things we’ve missed in the last few weeks, ranging from the fallout of Wrestle Kingdom/New Year’s Dash to the WWE UK Championship Tournament to where we find ourselves in the lead up to the Royal Rumble (which, as we all know, kicks off the Road to Wrestlemania).

Oh yeah, we also discuss some of the happenings down at NXT and the run-up to TakeOver: San Antonio.

It’s the audio equivalent of stuffing 10 lbs of $h!t into a 5 lb bag.

…and with that visual – enjoy the show, folks!

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