A 2 Match Show

Extreme Rules happened (spoiler alert: it wasn’t all that extreme) – the boys have an interesting take on the PPV for all of about 5 minutes before going down a divergent path, discussing boyhood fantasies of the now-former WWE Divas (no one’s proud of this…but Rocky likes to put Rick on the spot). They then get back on track and discuss the remainder of the show, along with what to do with Bayley post-Extreme Rules, and quickly go over where some of the current storylines might be heading.


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We’re About to Get Extreme…Sort Of

Extreme Rules is upon us and we have some predictions for you all. On top of that, we get into one of our trademark debates on how certain guys should go heel and – hypothetically – if they did go heel, how we think the fans would react to it.

As always, we want to know what you all think, so drop us a line over at @partsunknwnpod on Twitter or on the From Parts Unknown Facebook page.

Until next week. Enjoy.

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The Maharajas of Podcasting

Man, it was not the greatest week in WWE programming…but don’t you fret, listener – your boys are here to make some chicken salad out of that chicken shit. We also get into a breakdown of this year’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament, presented by NJPW and discuss whether or not Jushin Thunder Liger should win it all seeing as how this is likely his last appearance in the tournament. Lastly, we dissect the news and go over a few different injuries that have recently hit the WWE locker room.


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Pardon the title but as you will find out early on, we (read: Rick) get the name of this last PPV a bit mixed up at the onset of this week’s podcast, so why not embrace the unnecessary confusion that WWE has caused and title this week’s episode PayBacklash!, right?

Anyhow…we go over the highs and lows from this past Sunday’s PPV event as well as the accompanying repercussions/fallout on RAW.

We also briefly go over some NJPW stuff and tease a potential Rick & Kenny podcast for next week – will it happen??? Stay tuned to find out.


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Joey Samoey

Aaaaaannnnddd we’re back – bringing you a Payback go-home show!

But let’s not bury the lead here…this episode mainly contains a strong debate between our heroes about booking psychology and how the masses view any given wrestler.

What do you guys think? Are you #TeamRick or #TeamRocky or #TheyreBothIdiots?

Let us know by dropping us a line over on our Twitter and/or Facebook pages!

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Four-Way Dance

So we missed the post-WrestleMania week but to make it up to you, our wonderful audience, we give you a longer episode with not one but TWO special guests: Chris and the often-mentioned Kenny. There’s been a lot going on since ‘Mania and we try to cover as much of it as we can get into an episode without going on for too long.

We hope you enjoy and happily welcome your feedback over on our various social media channels.

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