A 2 Match Show

Extreme Rules happened (spoiler alert: it wasn’t all that extreme) – the boys have an interesting take on the PPV for all of about 5 minutes before going down a divergent path, discussing boyhood fantasies of the now-former WWE Divas (no one’s proud of this…but Rocky likes to put Rick on the spot). They then get back on track and discuss the remainder of the show, along with what to do with Bayley post-Extreme Rules, and quickly go over where some of the current storylines might be heading.


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Three…Err, Five Man Band

In this jam-packed & guest-filled episode, your Tag Team Podcasting Champions of the Wooooooorld (The Rock & Rick Connection) are joined by Chris, Dave & Javy [for a while at least] and jump right into this week’s news and/or rumors in the world of professional wrestling. We also take some time out to discuss the NXT Live event in Miami, which was attended by Rick, Rocky and Dave.

A lot gets packed into this one, folks. Have a listen and enjoy.

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