Pardon the title but as you will find out early on, we (read: Rick) get the name of this last PPV a bit mixed up at the onset of this week’s podcast, so why not embrace the unnecessary confusion that WWE has caused and title this week’s episode PayBacklash!, right?

Anyhow…we go over the highs and lows from this past Sunday’s PPV event as well as the accompanying repercussions/fallout on RAW.

We also briefly go over some NJPW stuff and tease a potential Rick & Kenny podcast for next week – will it happen??? Stay tuned to find out.


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Caution: Fastlane May Cause Outbursts of RAGE!

Ooooh boy! Let’s not bury the lead – this is pretty much an all-Fastlane reaction episode of FPU. Buckle up because there’s a lot of opinions and arguments about what happened this past Sunday. And somehow, we CONTINUE to argue whether or not KO should have gotten the drop on Goldberg in the hypothetical match that we’ve been going over for weeks now,,,and the explanation for and against this argument.


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Humble Rumble Reactions

DISCLAIMER: We recorded this week’s episode before finding out about the current injury situation with Seth Rollins, which explains why we don’t address it within the hour. Please be sure that it will be part of the discussion in next week’s podcast.

Anyhoo – so the Royal Rumble happened this past weekend (along with NXT TakeOver: San Antonio) and people definitely had reactions to not only the event but specifically the Rumble match itself – here are our thoughts and reactions to the event and the rest of the week’s news from the wide world of Wrestling/Sports Entertainment and a bit of our reactions to other people’s gripes with the show.


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