History Was Made…For All The Wrong Reasons

Well, Money in the Bank happened this past weekend and hooo-boy, it was quite a show…not necessarily for the right reasons, sadly. On this week’s episode, Rick and Rocky go over the card along with discussing the fallout post-MITB for the Smackdown Live roster – not much, if any, Raw talk on this week’s pod. We also go over the list of competitors for this year’s G1 Climax, although NJPW has not released who will be in which respective block.


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The Dominion 2017 Episode

The title says it all – Rick and Rocky spend damn near the entire episode going over NJPW’s Dominion event this week and break down the majority of the matches and just explain how great some of the matches on this card were and how amazing so much of the New Japan talent are.

Definitely a Japanese-wrestling centric episode.



Watch the show by signing up over at NJPWworld.com for only ¥999 (JPY).

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A 2 Match Show

Extreme Rules happened (spoiler alert: it wasn’t all that extreme) – the boys have an interesting take on the PPV for all of about 5 minutes before going down a divergent path, discussing boyhood fantasies of the now-former WWE Divas (no one’s proud of this…but Rocky likes to put Rick on the spot). They then get back on track and discuss the remainder of the show, along with what to do with Bayley post-Extreme Rules, and quickly go over where some of the current storylines might be heading.


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Well, it’s been a hell of a week in the big ‘ol world of pro wrestling/sports entertainment, eh? We start of with late-breaking news in reference to the supposed “golden child,” Roman Reigns, getting popped for a Wellness Policy violation – with Chris supplying many a bad joke about the term “wellness.” Aside from that, we discuss how we felt about the overall Money In The Bank event and the subsequent RAW – breaking down how we felt about the sloppy matches, finishes and how this will impact the upcoming brand split.

All that and more on this week’s FROM PARTS UNKNOWN podcast.

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MITB Predictions (2016)

…Aaaand we’re back!

With yet another go-home show having passed us, Rick and Rocky break down the card for this weekend’s MITB show and give us who they want to see go over in the matches, but also speculate who WWE might have going over – because as we know, they don’t necessarily give the audience what they want but rather give us what they think we need to see, in order to continue with the narrative they have established.

Aside from that, we quickly discuss Slammiversary, go over the recently released list of the 32 competitors in the Cruiserweight Classic, talk NJPW’s upcoming Dominion show, and more!

Check it out and hit us up on Facebook and Twitter to let us know what else you want to hear us discuss.

Until next week, keep it sleazy.

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