We’re About to Get Extreme…Sort Of

Extreme Rules is upon us and we have some predictions for you all. On top of that, we get into one of our trademark debates on how certain guys should go heel and – hypothetically – if they did go heel, how we think the fans would react to it.

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Until next week. Enjoy.

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Gonna Be A Hell Of A Weekend

As the title of this episode states, we’re in for a hell of a weekend. As such, Rocky & Rick finally go over all of the matches on the NXT TakeOver card along with the ridiculous amount of WrestleMania matches that have been announced.

Also, a small debate starts on how Asuka / the NXT Women’s division should be booking going forward with the rumor of Asuka getting called up to the Main Roster shortly after ‘Mania.

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The Reckoning

It’s our go-home show before the 4 hour Summerslam spectacular this weekend (watch it on the WWE Network for only $9.99 😄); in preparation for it, we discuss and break down this week’s episode of RAW and also give our thoughts on how the Summerslam matches may go. We also take a quick journey into Tough Enough country and give our thoughts on the final five contestants (as of this recording) and who will possibly win vs. who should probably win. As always, have a listen, enjoy and if you like us, share our little pod with your friends…we will greatly appreciate it.

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