The Miscalculation / Wrestle Kingdom Preview Episode

As stated in the opening of this episode, we maybe-sorta goofed on our timing and thought this episode would be recorded after Wrestle Kingdom 12, but alas, we were quite a few hours early (and Rocky maybe got a little busy and is uploading this late as well – sorry, all).

Well, as we all know, WK12 has come and gone – and we’ll get into our thoughts on that show later – but here we give you our last thoughts before getting to watch the show. Find out how we did on the podcast posting later this week.


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Kenny, The Unclean – Returns!

Two weeks in a row?! Even we’re astounded by this turn of events.

…And not only are we back but we have a guest on this week’s episode of the podcast…and he’s actually sitting in live [to tape] with us – it’s Kenny (*applause*).

On this week’s show, we go over Day 1 of G1 Climax 27 and some of the awesome match-ups on that show; we try not to linger on it too long since Kenny doesn’t actively follow NJPW (with the exception of watching all of Tiger Mask W). We also pick Kenny’s brain a bit on how he felt coming out of Great Balls of Fire last week.

Check it out and drop us a line if you have any questions or comments on the episode:

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The Maharajas of Podcasting

Man, it was not the greatest week in WWE programming…but don’t you fret, listener – your boys are here to make some chicken salad out of that chicken shit. We also get into a breakdown of this year’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament, presented by NJPW and discuss whether or not Jushin Thunder Liger should win it all seeing as how this is likely his last appearance in the tournament. Lastly, we dissect the news and go over a few different injuries that have recently hit the WWE locker room.


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“The Greatest Pod That Ever Lived”

We are less than 2 weeks away from the Grandaddy of Them All and things are definitely happening in the WWE – both in and out of the ring. Aside from our regular dissection of all the news that’s fit to discuss, we also go storyline by storyline in all the matches that have either been confirmed or have been heavily speculated for this year’s WrestleMania.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Drop us a line over on Facebook and/or Twitter and remember to leave us a rating and comment over on iTunes.

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Aaaaaand, we’re back! After a couple of weeks off, your boys Rocky and Rick are back to discuss the latest in the world of Professional Wrestling – and probably talk about TNA more than we ever have on this podcast. On top of that, we also give our thoughts on the card for Fastlane (still the worst PPV name ever) and continue discussing the build to WrestleMania.

Also, you (our dear listeners) all have the privilege of hearing Rocky continue to try to convince Rick that Kevin Owens should start off his match against Goldberg this Sunday by superkicking Goldberg’s attempt at a spear – let us know how you feel about this over on our Twitter/Facebook/SubReddit.

Have a good week and enjoy the episode.

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“Too Sweet Me, Brother!”

Hey folks! Sadly to say, this episode was recorded a few hours before NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 11 so we only manage to go over more of our thoughts on how the show will turn out overall and mark out at the thought of some of these matches. Other than that, we discuss the latest in some of WWE’s ongoing storylines on the Road to the Royal Rumble (Always Remember.) and, once again, go over the differences in programming on live WWE tv versus what is on the Hulu cuts of RAW and Smackdown Live!

Come join us and hit us with a digital ‘Too Sweet’ on our social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram…orrrr, leave us a rating and comment on iTunes.

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T-L-C U On Sunday!

This week’s episode may be a wee bit shorter but no less full of the majesty you, faithful listener, have come to expect from your bois: The Rock N’ Rick Connection!

In this episode, we go over the card for the Smackdown-exclusive TLC PPV event; we also make our predictions on who goes over in each match and what may happen going forward from a storyline perspective. All that in just over 30 jam-packed minutes of podcasting goodness.


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