F*ck A Beach Ball!

Hooo-boy! What a weekend it has been in the world of WWE – we had TakeOver: Brooklyn III, Summerslam, and the fallout episodes of both RAW and Smackdown Live go down and man, that was a lot (some would say too much) wrestling to take in in such a short period of time.

Rocky and Rick have thoughts and they share them – especially about fuckers that bring beach balls to events and try to have fun at the expense of the wrestlers in the ring as well as the audience watching…man, those people fucking suck.


Oh, well – listen up and enjoy this week’s show.


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It’s That Time of the Summer!

We are just a couple of days away from Summerslam and your boys go over the lengthy card for this year’s event – but first, we have to go over the tremendousness that was G1 Climax 27 for NJPW (if you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and at least find Okada/Omega and Omega/Naito online).

Have a nice day, folks.

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Fantasy Booking – SummerSlam 2017

We’ve hit our landmark 100th episode and we’re keeping it nice and simple – Rick hits Rocky with the question on how he would book the two upcoming Championship matches [and follow-up] for SummerSlam 2017: the WWE Championship match-up between Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura and the WWE Universal Title Fatal Four-Way between Brock, Joe, Roman and Braun.

Simple as that. Enjoy.

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A Climactic Ending to the G1

First things first – G1 Climax 26 just ended and boy was that last match a hum-dinger! We definitely start off by discussing the history-making finale to NJPW’s tournament. Aside from that, since this week’s WWE shows are the go-home shows for this year’s Summerslam – we go over some moments from RAW and discuss where we see these storylines going as WWE makes their way back to Brooklyn. Before we go, we check out the card for Summerslam (as of Tuesday evening) and make our predictions on who is going to win which match(es) on Sunday.


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The Reckoning

It’s our go-home show before the 4 hour Summerslam spectacular this weekend (watch it on the WWE Network for only $9.99 😄); in preparation for it, we discuss and break down this week’s episode of RAW and also give our thoughts on how the Summerslam matches may go. We also take a quick journey into Tough Enough country and give our thoughts on the final five contestants (as of this recording) and who will possibly win vs. who should probably win. As always, have a listen, enjoy and if you like us, share our little pod with your friends…we will greatly appreciate it.

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