Gonna Be A Hell Of A Weekend

As the title of this episode states, we’re in for a hell of a weekend. As such, Rocky & Rick finally go over all of the matches on the NXT TakeOver card along with the ridiculous amount of WrestleMania matches that have been announced.

Also, a small debate starts on how Asuka / the NXT Women’s division should be booking going forward with the rumor of Asuka getting called up to the Main Roster shortly after ‘Mania.

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Los Idolos – The Rock N’ Rick Connection!

Well, that was one hell of a weekend of pro wrestling, wasn’t it?? Listen to the podcasting tag-team champs of the centch, The Rock N’ Rick Connection, go over their thoughts on NXT Takeover: Toronto and Survivor Series (with a touch of RAW sprinkled in) in their inimitable fashion.

Have a happy Thanksgiving this long weekend and enjoy the show.

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Like A Boss

In what was a very exciting past week in the world of professional wrestling (none of that “sports entertainment” nonsense), we go down the rabbit hole of NXT TakeOver: Respect and just go HAM on how great it was overall and which matches were the best ones (Sasha / Bayley…~spoilers~). We also take a bit of time to discuss the most recent NJPW event: King of Pro Wrestling.

Just check it out and enjoy.

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