NXT TakeOver: Rumble Weekend

Note: pardon this delayed update but I was without a laptop for a couple of days…*shrug*

In this week’s podcast, we go over all the happenings at this past weekend’s events: NXT TakeOver and the Royal Rumble as well as the fallout on the corresponding episodes of RAW and Smackdown Live.

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#RAW25 [also, some TakeOver]

Welp…RAW’s 25th anniversary show happened and that’s most of what we had to say about it this week. Aside from that, we discussed several points in regards to news from around the world of pro-wrestling, kicking off with the official release of good ‘ol Enzo Amore. Also, we go over the card for NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia.


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The Miscalculation / Wrestle Kingdom Preview Episode

As stated in the opening of this episode, we maybe-sorta goofed on our timing and thought this episode would be recorded after Wrestle Kingdom 12, but alas, we were quite a few hours early (and Rocky maybe got a little busy and is uploading this late as well – sorry, all).

Well, as we all know, WK12 has come and gone – and we’ll get into our thoughts on that show later – but here we give you our last thoughts before getting to watch the show. Find out how we did on the podcast posting later this week.


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Clash of Champions Predictions

Two weeks in a row…can you believe it??

Well, we have experienced the go-home edition of Smackdown Live! and have gone over the storylines going into Clash of Champions and now we give you our thoughts on what may go down this Sunday, live at 8PM.

There’s also a good amount of news to go over and lastly, what was the deal with some of those RAW segments?

Have a listen and enjoy.

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