Who Will Survive?

Survivor Series is upon us and we take a crack at breaking down the card – who will come out with more victories: RAW or Smackdown Live?

EDIT: apologies for the late post – some computer trouble was had and caused said delay.

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Less Than A Week ‘Till TLC

Weeks Without Incident: 1

It feels like we just had a PPV about 5 minutes ago (roughly 2 weeks to be precise) but here we are with the go-home show for TLC. We give our thoughts on what we think is gonna happen – but who knows.


There’s been a few notable changes to the card since we recorded this…best place to get updates as we get them, make sure to check out our Twitter, @partsunknwnpod

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Third Time’s The Charm

Oh what a comedy of errors recording this podcast can be. This is going to feel like a truncated episode because we had some missteps as we were trying to record this week and we ended up starting three over three times before we got it right *sigh*.

No worries though, as we still manage to hit some quick news bits and go over our review of the Hell In A Cell PPV.

And stay tuned all the way to the end of the episode as there may be some outtakes from our first attempts at this that prove that we’re just a couple of schmucks that put this show together.

Enjoy and have a great week.

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