F*ck A Beach Ball!

Hooo-boy! What a weekend it has been in the world of WWE – we had TakeOver: Brooklyn III, Summerslam, and the fallout episodes of both RAW and Smackdown Live go down and man, that was a lot (some would say too much) wrestling to take in in such a short period of time.

Rocky and Rick have thoughts and they share them – especially about fuckers that bring beach balls to events and try to have fun at the expense of the wrestlers in the ring as well as the audience watching…man, those people fucking suck.


Oh, well – listen up and enjoy this week’s show.


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Four-Way Dance

So we missed the post-WrestleMania week but to make it up to you, our wonderful audience, we give you a longer episode with not one but TWO special guests: Chris and the often-mentioned Kenny. There’s been a lot going on since ‘Mania and we try to cover as much of it as we can get into an episode without going on for too long.

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Gonna Be A Hell Of A Weekend

As the title of this episode states, we’re in for a hell of a weekend. As such, Rocky & Rick finally go over all of the matches on the NXT TakeOver card along with the ridiculous amount of WrestleMania matches that have been announced.

Also, a small debate starts on how Asuka / the NXT Women’s division should be booking going forward with the rumor of Asuka getting called up to the Main Roster shortly after ‘Mania.

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Aaaaaand, we’re back! After a couple of weeks off, your boys Rocky and Rick are back to discuss the latest in the world of Professional Wrestling – and probably talk about TNA more than we ever have on this podcast. On top of that, we also give our thoughts on the card for Fastlane (still the worst PPV name ever) and continue discussing the build to WrestleMania.

Also, you (our dear listeners) all have the privilege of hearing Rocky continue to try to convince Rick that Kevin Owens should start off his match against Goldberg this Sunday by superkicking Goldberg’s attempt at a spear – let us know how you feel about this over on our Twitter/Facebook/SubReddit.

Have a good week and enjoy the episode.

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Los Idolos – The Rock N’ Rick Connection!

Well, that was one hell of a weekend of pro wrestling, wasn’t it?? Listen to the podcasting tag-team champs of the centch, The Rock N’ Rick Connection, go over their thoughts on NXT Takeover: Toronto and Survivor Series (with a touch of RAW sprinkled in) in their inimitable fashion.

Have a happy Thanksgiving this long weekend and enjoy the show.

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Hell Is Coming For Ya!

Hell In A Cell is fast approaching…and man, we don’t know about any of you listeners, but this has been a wee bit underwhelming as far as build-ups go. We also discuss some of the crazy news in the rest of the world of pro wrestling, including: the various TNA lawsuits, what really happened with Matt Sydal, the whole Mick Foley/Twitter/Summer Rae fiasco, and more. We also break down some of the bits of the last two weeks of RAW and how they impact this week’s HIAC pay-per-view event (along with predictions).

Also, we take a bit to discuss how each of us has been progressing in our respective careers in WWE 2K17 – with some stories of figuring out the game and making our way up the virtual ranks of NXT/WWE.


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